Wifey Status: Renaissance Collection

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Condition: Used - Good (Paperback)

Blessed with a body to die for and the gift for gab, it doesn’t take long for Sierra Rogers to snatch up Alijah Jackson, one of Richmond’s hottest drug lords. She secures a place in his life as his “bottom bitch” but soon realizes that fairy tales are not real when she comes face to face with Shayna Jackson, the other woman in Alijah’s life.
Shayna is intelligent, sexy, and wicked, but that’s the side of her that she usually keeps hidden. Her good-girl persona goes down the drain the moment she meets her husband’s mistress. Shayna discovers a mound of secrets and vows to see Alijah and Sierra suffer a fate reserved only for those that betray.
As Alijah attempts to maintain both a wife and mistress, he’s also making more money than he will ever be able to spend. He discovers that young goons are trying to kill him and the feds are trying to lock him up for life. He must now figure out a way to stay alive and free. With no one to turn to and nowhere to hide, Alijah must rely on his gut instincts and his knowledge of the game.
Travel down a twisted path filled with lust, greed, and larceny, as a triangle of sins goes haywire. These three will come to realize they have no one to blame but each other.