Thug's Intuition's: Pillow Talk

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Condition: Used- Like new (Paperback)

I left off in Thug’s Intuition with Greg being carted off to jail. He left behind a very devastated Miami. Miami wasn’t alone because she indeed had her girls to comfort her.
In Thug’s Intuition you met Tremble. I know some of you are curious to know more. Well, now that I introduce Pillow Talk I give you more. You will not only learn more about Tremble but you’ll also meet Spade and Pisces. I would say that Spade is the only one besides Miami that has it all together. Pisces on the other hand is the very stubborn one yet very naïve. In this one little book I want you to dive into the mind of each individual. I want you to become them and live their lifestyle.
Travel the road with Miami. Flirt with the females as Tremble may do on the daily. Encourage Spade that life gets easier. The more time she may put in. Wrap your arms around Pisces as she silently cries for help.
Come walk with me as we take this journey.